Frequently Questions

Breeding pyramid system be?

Breeding pyramid system is the propagation system includes 3 levels: Breeding herd patristic (GGP), grandparent breeding pigs (GP) and parent breed pigs (PS), to improve the genetics, advanced seed yield and quality. You can refer here: Camp GGP nucleus of Hypor Japfa
What is patristic pig?
Breeding herd patristic (aka GGP, English abbreviation of the word Great Grand Parents): the nucleus of purebred or breeding stock was bred or reared for breeding of high yield and stable quality regulations. The national hatchery in Vietnam often patristic herd (GGP) of countries with advanced livestock such as Canada, France, the Netherlands ...
What is pig Grandparents?
Grandparents breeds pigs (also called GP, English abbreviation of the word Grand Parents): A herd varieties multiplied from patristic to produce pigs broodstock. Men often feed her pigs or swine domesticated hybrid maternal line from 2 different varieties to produce hybrid pig blood supply 2 or 3 seed for hybrid breeding pigs parent (PS). These are the products that Japfa Hypor offer on the market.
What is pig's parents?
Pigs broodstock (aka PS, English abbreviation of the word Parents Stock) is the last male line and line to create hybrids sows to avail maximum heterosis, breeding herd by herd parents like grandparents born to produce salable pig meat feeding. Sows parents are not coordinated with the stud from her man that used male purebred or crossbred sires. Meanwhile, commercial pigs are crosses synthesis with 3, 4 varieties, we have the ability to grow fast, consume less food, good meat quality, lean meat percentage high, thin backfat ... This is farm products Japfa Hypor customers, among them Vietnam Co. Japfa are offering pig products bearing current level EXPOR parents.
Mark gene technology is what?
Please look at the program of Japfa Hypor breeding
Index What is BLUP?
Please look at the program of Japfa Hypor breeding
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