Sire line

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The best pork at the least cost

• Industry leading growth rate

Japfa Hypor Magnus is the number one terminal sire in North America for growth rate, delivering finishing pigs to heavier market weights in fewer days.

• Uniform from birth to market

Minimizing weight variance at the outset helps minimize it at the end. Japfa Hypor Magnus progeny are uniform in build and weight from birth to market.


• Durable, low-maintenance pigs

Our focus on function, durability and robustness makes Japfa Hypor Magnus perfect for systems with health, environment or labor challenges.

• Lean and efficient
Japfa Hypor Magnus boars are selected for efficient production of lean carcasses at heavy slaughter weights - controlling cost of production and increasing revenue.

• Consistent, high quality pork:
Delivering consistent, quality pork to packers and retailers is critical to the long term success of our industry. Japfa Hypor Magnus consistently produces pork with excellent eating qualities: higher marbling, lower drip loss and better pH.